Air Conditioning
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Air Conditioning

For keeping cool in the hot summer months or having clear demisted windows in the cold British winters, a well maintained and serviced Air Conditioning system is essential for your comfort and safety.

We recommend that your air conditioning system is visually checked at your annual vehicle service and the Air Conditioning system serviced every two years.

Our Air Conditioning Service Includes:

  • Visual check of all components
  • Function and operation check
  • Refrigerant test
  • Dryer Replacement, when required.
  • Leak Test

Another service to consider for your air conditioning is anti-fungal disinfection. Bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms can all reach the inside of your vehicle when you turn on your air conditioning.

They can cause unpleasant smells and also allergic reactions, including:
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Watery eyes

By disinfecting your air conditioning system, we can kill off any microorganisms and apply a protective layer to the components so they’re less likely to build up in the future.

If you need to have your air conditioning system looked at, contact Verwood MOT on 01202 827319